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Dredging equipment slideshare

Included is detailed information on equipment, practices, recovery factors, efficiency, design, and, where available, costs. Selected gold recovery operations are described in detail. In addition, the reported efficiency and reliability of various types of equipment used today is presented. One notable method not described is the cyanide process, the recovery of gold through leaching with cyanide, a hazardous substance that must be handled with great care.

The information presented herein applies to small as well as large placer mining operations. Recreational and independent miners will find information on available equipment and designs with some suggestions for improving recovery.

Those intending to mine small- to medium-sized placer deposits will find detailed descriptions of suitable equipment and recovery methods. Finally, those interested in byproduct gold recovery from sand and gravel operations and other large placer deposits will find descriptions of appropriate equipment and byproduct recovery installations. Gold has been mined from placer gold deposits up and down the state and in different types of environment.

Initially, rich, easily discovered, surface and river placers were mined until about Hydraulic mines, using powerful water cannons to wash whole hillsides, were the chief sources of gold for the next 20 years. InJudge Lorenzo Sawyer issued a decree prohibiting the dumping of hydraulic mining debris into the Sacramento River, effectively eliminating large-scale hydraulic operations.

For the next 14 years, drift mining placer gold deposits in buried Tertiary channels partially made up for the loss of placer gold production, but overall production declined.

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Production rose again with the advent of large-scale dredging. The first successful gold dredge was introduced on the lower Feather River near Oroville in The last dredge to shut down was the Yuba 21 dredge at Hammonton in Clark, The reason so much of it has been mined from placers is that placer deposits are usually easier to locate than lode deposits. A lone prospector with a gold pan can verify the existence of a placer gold deposit in a short period of time.

Small placers are also relatively easy to mine, and the ore usually requires less processing than ore from lode mines. The same holds true for large placers other than drift mines. Today, placer gold production comes from the dredge operating at Hammonton, from large placer mines employing the cyanide process, from byproduct recovery in sand and gravel plants, from small placer mines, and from small dredging operations in rivers and streams.

With placer mining, recovery of the gold from the ore is usually the most expensive phase of the mining operation and can be the most difficult to implement properly. The value of gold deposits is based on the amount of gold that can be recovered by existing technology. Gravity separation remains the most widely used recovery method.

dredging equipment slideshare

Gravity recovery equipmentincluding gold pans, sluice boxes, long toms, jigs, and amalgamation devices, has been used since the time of the California gold rush, and many present day operations still employ the same equipment. The major flaw of the gravity separation method is that very fine gold, referred to as flour, flood, or colloidal gold, is lost in processing. Moreover, it is likely that most remaining placer deposits have a higher percentage of fine gold than placers worked during the gold rush.

It is understandable, then, that today more care is given to the recovery of fine gold. In recent times a number of changes and new designs in gravity separation equipment have been developed.

Most of these were developed outside the United States for the recovery of materials other than gold.There is also sometimes sand in the very end of the cov The dredger needs to know this as sand is costlier to pump further but easier to dewater; while muck pumps easy but can be costly to dewater particularly if the disposal area size is limited Hard packed sand or hardpan clay bottom are more difficult to cut and therefore more.

Weeders Digest offers an extensive line of pond and muck dredgers for sale Our online store offers detailed product descriptions along with videos that demonstrate how our dredge machines work The information we provide will ensure you purchase the right product for the job Shop Now!

Remote Dredge Rentals Nationwide Reduced capacity in your waster water pond holding basins cooling ponds process ponds and fire ponds can greatly impact productivity of the overall operation Sandling Industrial Services has a solution with our mini remote dredge rentals.

Portable Suction Dredge Dredge pump designed for muck sludge mud and plant waste that can be easily removed from bottom Pump is NOT designed to remove hard packed clay Large volumes of sand will increase wear The result can be prematurely worn out internal components.

Jochen's family has been in the Sand and Gravel industry since the 's with four different operations in Germany With multiple inventions to his name Jochen has remained at the forefront of the dredging industry by using the latest componentry and technology Aggregate Dredge Solutions provides complete dredging solutions for the Agg industry.

A specialized piece of equipment called a dredge creates a vacuum that sucks up and pumps out the unwanted sediment and debris You may have heard of a naturally occurring process called sedimentation which is the accumulation of silt sand and other debris on the bottom of a river lake canal or stream over time An excessive build up of.

Sand is either directly applied or the sand that has been gathered is cleaned through a heat process and then deposited The sand extends the shoreline to its orginal borders or extends the beach farther into the body of water it is adjacent to Below is an example of dredging from the Dredge and Dock Company Site They contract under the Army. Dredge Equipment Additional dredging equipment Welcome!

Here you will find all the dredging basics from why you need to start dredging to which vessel is right for your project and how much it will cost as well as all the info you need to get Read more Top Articl Introduction to dredging; Why start dredging.

Trailing suction hopper dredgers TSHDs are classified as hydraulic dredgers Hydraulic dredgers include all dredging equipment which makes use of centrifugal pumps for at least part of the transport process of moving the dredged materials either by raising material out of the water or horizontally transporting material to another site. Reclamation equipment generally include those used for dredging excavation and transportation For the dry method of reclamation excavators backhoes and trucks are useful equipment There are several sizes and capacities of excavators and backho Generally land excavation is slow and a bite.

Ellicott Dredges is the largest builder of medium sized cutter suction dredges in the world Ellicott has been supplying dredging equipment for over years. A cleaning method called dredging is necessary to alleviate these problems Dredging involves running a special bucket through the bottom of the pond to collect these waste materials A homemade pond dredge can be made with the right materials and some time.

dredging equipment slideshare

SKS All rights reserved. Benefits of Dredging How Dredging A specialized piece of equipment called a dredge creates a vacuum that sucks up and pumps out the unwanted sediment and debris You may have heard of a naturally occurring process called sedimentation which is the accumulation of silt sand and other debris on the bottom of a river lake canal or stream over time An excessive build up of Live Chat Beach Reclamation Georgia State University Sand is either directly applied or the sand that has been gathered is cleaned through a heat process and then deposited The sand extends the shoreline to its orginal borders or extends the beach farther into the body of water it is adjacent to Below is an example of dredging from the Dredge and Dock Company Site They contract under the Army Live Chat Startdredging Learn get set dredge!Get immediate access to this interactive eLearning course online.

Must be used within 30 days, expires 48 hours after launch. Get Convergence courses into your current LMS to track and report employee training. Or contact us to learn more about the advantages of licensing our courses with the Convergence LMS. The full course is 17 minutes long and available in a number of affordable formats.

Training Time: 17 minutes. Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Phone. Based on: 30 CFR Part Languages: English. Mining is the search for, extraction, and processing of valuable materials from the earth's crust.

Surface and underground mining are currently the most commonly employed methods for accessing ore, minerals, or other metal and nonmetal commodities. This course covers common mining methods, as well as the lifecycle of a mine, from the development through reclamation.

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Confined Space Entry - Permit Required. View Course. Trenching and Excavation Safety. Trenching and Excavation Soil Properties. Physical Hazards at a Mine.

Typical Surface Mining Equipment. What is mining? What do open-pit and opencast mean? The terms "open-pit" and "opencast" refer to the type of surface mining which results in depressions or deep, funnel-shaped pit surrounded by sloped or stepped walls. What is the typical "life-cycle" of a mine? At its most basic level, the lifecycle of a mine proceeds through development, operation, and then reclamation.

What is meant by mine development and what does mine development include? An active mining operation is the result of a deliberate and painstaking process which involves geologic exploration and surveying, functional and operational design, land use evaluation and permitting, site clearing and preparation, and construction.In harsh conditions with sand, sludge, rocks, slurry, normal dredge pumps clog, wear and fail more often.

These scenarios inevitably lead to downtime for pump maintenance, hurting your bottom line. This translates to a significant amount of solids and material pass through, all without clogging the pump. To learn more about the technology behind our pumps continue reading more HERE. Call or message for selection help. Additional Product Videos Here.

Van Oord publishes 2018 Annual Report

More Product Videos Here. Youtube trouble? Alternate video player. Rentals and Sales. Rent or Buy Dredging Equipment Shown. Our non-clog slurry pump outperforms all centrifugal, vortex and positive displacement pumps in a variety of the most difficult pumping applications and is used to power all of our dredges.

More information about our pump technology. Excavator Pump Attachment. Diver Operated Dredge. Cable Deployed Dredge. Dredge Sled. Autonomous Dredge.

Amphibious Dredge. Custom Dredge. Liner-Safe Specific Dredge. Auger Dredge. Self-Priming Pumps. Booster Pump. Environmental Dredg e. EDDY Pump has been in the dredging equipment manufacturing and project management industry since Specialty Dredge Equipment Features and Benefits.

Placer Mining Methods

Our Pumps Explained — See Videos. Contact Support. Pump Selection What is a Non-clog Pump? Slurry Hose Selection What is a Solids Handling Pump? Settling Tank Desludging, Cleanup, Pumping. Dredge Pump Selection Pump and Dredging Terms. Submersible Sewage Pumps — Clogging Solution.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. Get the plugin now. Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in. To view this presentation, you'll need to allow Flash. Click to allow Flash After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play.

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But aside from that it's free.Surface miningincluding strip miningopen-pit mining and mountaintop removal miningis a broad category of mining in which soil and rock overlying the mineral deposit the overburden are removed, in contrast to underground miningin which the overlying rock is left in place, and the mineral is removed through shafts or tunnels.

Surface mining began in the mid-sixteenth century [1] [ dubious — discuss ] and is practiced throughout the world, although the majority of surface coal mining occurs in North America. In most forms of surface mining, heavy equipment, such as earthmoversfirst remove the overburden. Next, large machines, such as dragline excavators or bucket wheel excavatorsextract the mineral. It is most commonly used to mine coal and lignite brown coal.

Strip mining is only practical when the ore body to be excavated is relatively near the surface. This type of mining uses some of the largest machines on earth, including bucket-wheel excavators which can move as much as 12, cubic metres of earth per hour. There are two forms of strip mining. The more common method is "area stripping", which is used on fairly flat terrain, to extract deposits over a large area.

As each long strip is excavated, the overburden is placed in the excavation produced by the previous strip. Contour stripping is often followed by auger mining into the hillside, to remove more of the mineral.

dredging equipment slideshare

This method commonly leaves behind terraces in mountainsides. Although open-pit mining is sometimes mistakenly referred to as "strip mining", the two methods are different see above. Explosives are used to break up the rock layers above the seam, which are then removed. Excess mining waste or "overburden" is dumped by large trucks into fills in nearby hollow or valley fills.

Mountaintop removal replaces the original steep landscape with a much flatter topography. Economic development attempts on reclaimed mine sites include prisons such the Big Sandy Federal Penitentiary in Martin County, Kentuckysmall town airports, golf courses such as Twisted Gun in Mingo County, West Virginia and Stonecrest Golf Course in Floyd County, Kentuckyas well as industrial scrubber sludge disposal sites, solid waste landfills, trailer parks, explosive manufacturers, and storage rental lockers.

The technique has been used increasingly in recent years in the Appalachian coal fields of West VirginiaKentuckyVirginia and Tennessee in the United States. The profound changes in topography and disturbance of pre-existing ecosystems have made mountaintop removal highly controversial.

Advocates of mountaintop removal point out that once the areas are reclaimed as mandated by law, the technique provides premium flat land suitable for many uses in a region where flat land is rare.

They also maintain that the new growth on reclaimed mountaintop mined areas is better able to support populations of game animals. Critics [ who? Environmental Protection Agency EPA environmental impact statement finds that streams near valley fills sometimes may contain higher levels of minerals in the water and decreased aquatic biodiversity. Blasting at a mountaintop removal mine expels dust and fly-rock into the air, which can then disturb or settle onto private property nearby.

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This dust may contain sulfur compounds, which some claim corrode structures and tombstones and is a health hazard.During this meeting the Annual Report was presented. The Annual Report looks back on a special year. Van Oord celebrated its th anniversary of the company, it welcomed new employees and it strengthened its fleet with new vessels. Winning the iconic Afsluitdijk project is also noteworthy.

Also, the Annual Report provides an overview of the results achieved inthe strategy, the environment in which Van Oord operates as a maritime contractor, and the way in which it creates value for stakeholders.

The report provides information on the financial and non-financial results of the company. The full PDF can also be downloaded there. Robert de Bruin deals with all media enquiries relating to Van Oord's corporate and international activities. For non press related questions we kindly redirect you to our contact form. EN NL. Main activities Projects Equipment. View activity. View project. View all projects. View equipment. View all equipment. Van Oord publishes Annual Report 17 April Back to news overview.

To watch our videos you have to accept the third party cookies. Read more in the Privacy and Cookie statement. Share this news on. Contact Media Relations Robert de Bruin 31 88 31 6 robert.

Attachments can be used copyright free. Related news View news. View news. Meeting the future needs of the growing tourism industry.

dredging equipment slideshare

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