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Ischia film award a francesco munzi

Florida Review Magazine. Having been the setting for adored films such as Cleopatra and The Talented Mr. Since launching with this mission inthe Ischia Film Festival IFF has established itself in the cinema world, and just celebrated its 13th edition June 27th to July 4th.

Each year, under the direction of founder Michelangelo Massinathe IFF attracts an ever-growing number of attendees who are by awed by its charming and surreal vibe. Can you think of a better place to watch movies than the intimate rooms or nooks and crannies within a castle? The films are shown at no cost, on a first come, first served basis. Click here for a full list of i vincitori — Winners! Of the 13th edition!

The idea is that this concept will encourage audiences to visit the cultures represented on-screen, and enjoy experiencing them in real-life also. The IFF is definitely a place to meet and mingle with a film-savvy audience.

The instructive cinema-related lectures and events, beginning with the opening gala dinner, encourage communication and propitiate a truly magical atmosphere. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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November 17, 0. Arte Moda. October 11, 0. Without any doubt the Versace show at Milan Fashion week was one of the best and most interesting one. This happening was a grand tribute to the late Gianni Versace as this year marks 20 years since G. April 13, 0.The points of comparison are obvious and all too brilliantly memorable. Classic lines "We'll make him an offer he can't refuse"scenes the horse's head in the bed and performances Marlon Brando as the mumbling Don Corleone, a young Al Pacino as his reluctant heir have enshrined the film in popular culture, and made it as much an object of parody as praise.

Filmed on overcast days, Black Souls presents a gloomy and bleak vision of Calabria. More recently, Matteo Garrone answered Coppola's lavish trilogy with the stylistically polar Gomorrah — an apocalyptic film that refused to glamorise organised crime, showing instead the vanity, senseless brutality and moral vacuity of Naples' Camorra.

Italian director Francesco Munzi inevitably considered these masterworks when he turned his hand to directing and co-writing Black Souls Anime Nerea fictional tale about a criminal family from the hilltop village of Africo, in the southern region of Calabria, home of the 'Ndrangheta.

The tentacles of this notoriously secret and insidiously successful mafia organisation have reached as far as Australia, as a recent ABC and Fairfax Media investigation showed.

Munzi's visit was brief — he had to dash back to Rome for Italy's national film awards, the Premi David di Donatello.

Francesco Munzi, Black Souls

Black Souls had been nominated for 16 awards and won nine, including best director, best screenplay and best film — the last quite an accolade given that Munzi was up against celebrated directors such as Nanni Moretti Mia Madre and Ermanno Olmi Greenery Will Bloom Againand the intriguing new auteur Saverio Costanzo Hungry Hearts.

When it screened at the Venice Film Festival last year winning four awardsBlack Souls reportedly received 13 minutes of applause — a response suggestive of the film's success in saying something new and devastatingly valid about the enduring scourge of the mafia in Italy. Where Coppola's Godfather trilogy is a sweeping Italo-American family drama and Gomorrah opts for chilling hyper-realism, Black Souls is restrained, tense, and realistic, moving slowly and inexorably towards its startling end.

The central characters — three brothers from a criminal clan — are not idolised Hollywood-style but depicted as deeply flawed men from a complex and guarded society. The film is based on Gioacchino Criaco's eponymous book of A native of Africo, the author is himself from a family of "black souls". Criaco's father was assassinated in a feud, and his prisoner brother was one of Italy's most wanted men, infamous for having once made his way through a crowd to kiss the forehead of a freshly assassinated "godfather".

Turin newspaper La Stampa has described Criaco as a writer of great courage: he lives among the people he chronicled in the book. After spending 20 years in the north of Italy, including some time as a lawyer in Milan, he returned to Africo and began to write Anime nere.

Finishing it in a four days, as if in a trance — "a person who hails from years of tragedy wants to change things," he told La Stampa. It was precisely Criaco's closeness to the people of Africo and his intimate knowledge of their ways — good, bad, ugly — that gave Munzi the confidence to tackle the mafia genre in film. For all his admiration of the book, Munzi made some major changes in the screenplay.

Presentata la nuova edizione di Ischia Global Film & Music Fest

The book's three central friends become the three Carbone brothers in the film, and the time moves from the s and '80s to the present. At the film's core is the oldest brother Luciano's struggle to distance himself from his drug-trafficking siblings; the swaggering, bullish Luigi; and the composed, bespectacled Rocco, who operates from Milan.

In contrast, Luciano is a stoic, humble farmer who refuses the spoils of crime — "what would I do with half a mountain? However, his hot-headed son Leo idolises his uncles, particularly the macho Luigi, and asks to join the family "business". Leo's efforts to prove himself a worthy gangster trigger a series of violent events that Luciano desperately tries to contain. His struggle is also against himself — he recognises the evil latent within and medicates himself with dirt scraped from the statues of saints from a nearby church ruin.

Luciano's inner turmoil seems a metaphor for Italy itself. The film's prevailing mood is one of oppression and claustrophobia — the stunning, sun-drenched landscapes of Calabria are rendered gloomy and bleak, like an El Greco painting, reflecting the turbulent psychology of the main characters. In fact, Munzi and his award-winning cinematographer, Vladan Radovic, looked to Italian painter Caravaggio, master of chiaroscuro, in creating their darkly lit scenes — deliberately filming during overcast days.

Munzi spent almost three years filming in Africo and cast locals alongside the professional actors. While Criaco's book is written in standard Italian, Munzi had the actors speak in Calabrian dialect, so that even in Italy the film is subtitled. It was the first time a film had been shot in the village, which is known for its criminal history. Munzi, who is from Rome, enlisted Criaco's help in gaining the trust of locals, who were initially suspicious. In the end, Munzi found the experience more rewarding than filming the scenes set in Milan.

The details and texture of life in Africo are presented with a genuine regard for traditions and culture — there is beauty amid the corruption.E devono diventare un sistema coordinato e riconosciuto dalle istituzioni pubbliche, dagli spettatori e dagli sponsor. Inoltre, accettando il regolamento, si impegnano a seguire una serie di.

Davide Fanelli Stabilimento termale Militare - Ischia. Scenografi e Costumisti Italiani. Pietro Pisani.

On Location: Ischia Film Festival

Le iscrizioni, costantemente in crescita anno dopo anno, sono arrivate ad oltre tra lungometraggi, documentari e cortometraggi provenienti da 62 diversi paesi del mondo. In tutto le opere selezionate da 39 paesi, tra cui 54 anteprime nazionali, 2 world premiere internazionali e 2 anteprime europee, senza considerare quelle anteprime italiane che sono al contempo anche anteprime mondiali.

Il cinema italiano: servi e padroni. Anche se sospetto che questo regista di ferro neanche a Dio sente di dover rendere conto. Inquadrandomi come comunista, anche se il Muro di Berlino era caduto da un pezzo. Ma non era pregiudizio. Finimmo a parlare a lungo, con la sua mano a stringermi la spalla. Gli hanno dato del fascista, come fecero con John Milius. Provate pure a etichettarlo, Pasquale, non ce la farete mai. Il prefetto di ferro lo ha portato nella storia, in tutti i sensi.

E quel Giuliano Gemma che fa Mori, ci dice molto del cinema e del nostro paese. Con Li chiamarono briganti, a un passo dal nuovo millennio, lui racconta su quali menzogne poggi il tricolore.

Che mi hai insegnato a non aver paura di esserlo. E soprattutto quanto sia divertente. Grazie di tutto, anche per William Redford e per il prossimo film, che attendo con ansia. Il Coordinamento si propone come interlocutore delle istituzioni per affrontare le problematiche relative a un settore strategico nella vita culturale della regione Campania, ma con innegabili ricadute anche di tipo turistico e sociale.

Collabora con il mensile Lo Straniero e con la redazione napoletana del quotidiano La Repubblica. Lavora come autore e montatore di documentari video e promuove progetti socioculturali per adolescenti.

Ha fatto parte di giurie in festival nazionali e internazionali. Diplomata nel al Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, lavora come montatrice e consulente alla drammaturgia per film di finzione e film documentari in Europa, collaborando con importanti registi, tra i quali per circa un decennio Vittorio de Seta, e curando la supervisione alla drammaturgia di oltre 50 filme come regista di film documentari e videoclip.

Francesco Munzi - Assalto al Cielo - 73 Venice Film Festival

Insegna dal drammaturgia e montaggio alla scuola di cinema documentario Zelig di Bolzano. I suoi film gli sono valsi partecipazioni e riconoscimenti in molti festival italiani e internazionali, oltre che la messa in onda sulle principali televisioni europee.

Attualmente sta lavorando a una monografia su Luchino Visconti. Il cinema italiano da qualche decennio ha cominciato a viaggiare con maggior frequenza lungo la penisola. Da sempre romanocentrico — pur se in passato non mancano esempi significativi di locations altre — il cinema italiano, anche sulla spinta della creazione delle varie film commission regionali, in questo ultimo periodo ha scelto per le sue storie fondali urbani diversi.

A festival fully dedicated to the valorization of the territory had to be held at a special location: the Aragon Castle. Fu la poetessa del Cinquecento, la principessa Vittoria Colonna, a trasformarlo in un cenacolo culturale.

Dal maestoso complesso formato da chiesette, monasteri, prigioni, fortezze, sentieri e terrazze naturali, si gode un panorama di indiscutibile bellezza. The first fortress of the Castle was built by Gerone I of Siracusa; over the centuries the people and civilizations that inhabited it — Swabians, Angevin and Aragonese from which the castle take its name — applied many changes to it. From the majestic complex, comprising small churches, monasteries, dungeons, fortresses, natural paths and terraces, it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view.An international panel of judges comprising film industry pros is here to discover the best of these and a talented director.

To read the guidelines click HERE. As many as forty-one films by directors under 40, new talents from over 30 countries. All genres together — fiction, documentary, animation, experimental — for an overview of the short film genre. The best is chosen, as always, by a creative group much appreciated by the Festival. To choose the best among the 41 titles participating in the International Short Film Competition, we have invited, as always, a team that we admire.

To do this, Nowness uses short audio-visuals — short fictions, video clips, video essays, documentaries — with a strong editorial line. Quality wins over quantity and, unlike the content saturation of other online video platforms, it has few and well selected titles every week. Thanks to a brilliant work of research, Nowness, followed by 20 million people in the world, offers a heterogeneous narrative of the contemporary.

A moving mosaic to capture the questions, even pertaining to style, of our day. Identifying a talent, understanding her versatility with respect to the character to play and getting into a new role, maintaining the same self-image.

Guido Manuli is one of the most important names in italian and milanese films of the last fifty years. Everyone can choose the favourite straight after the film has ended. The selection committee select a talent to follow among the films screened during the edition. A critical award and one of esteem. Awards and juries. In jury: Nowness To choose the best among the 41 titles participating in the International Short Film Competition, we have invited, as always, a team that we admire.

Best Actress N. Grazie Maestro! The award is an illustration by Paolo Bacillieri.E devono diventare un sistema coordinato e riconosciuto dalle istituzioni pubbliche, dagli spettatori e dagli sponsor. Inoltre, accettando il regolamento, si impegnano a seguire una serie di indicazioni deontologiche tese a salvaguardare e rafforzare il loro ruolo.

And they must become a system that is coordinated and recognized by public institutions, spectators and sponsors alike. E che hanno privilegiato, o incontrato, nel loro percorso artistico, una location capace di ispirarli e dare forma concreta ai loro sogni e alle loro visioni.

Fu la poetessa del Cinquecento, la principessa Vittoria Colonna, a trasformarlo in un cenacolo culturale. Dal maestoso complesso formato da chiesette, monasteri, prigioni, fortezze, sentieri e terrazze naturali, si gode un panorama di indiscutibile bellezza.

A festival fully dedicated to the valorization of the territory had to be held at a special location: the Aragon Castle. From the majestic complex, comprising small churches, monasteries, dungeons, fortresses, natural paths and terraces, it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view. In order to access the showings and the events that take place at the Aragon Castle it is necessary to acquire a Festival pass. Il complesso comprende anche un ambiente circolare coperto a cupola, realizzato interamente con scaglie di pietra lavica e malta adattata a cappella.

The building is located on the Mandra hill, from which it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Aragon castle and of the Ischia Ponte village. The building complex also includes a cupola covering a circular environment entirely built with lava stones and mortar and setup as a chapel. Purchased by the Municipality of Ischia Porto innowadays it is used to host exhibitions and cultural events. Questo ampio numero di location permette di avere sette serate ricche di proiezioni.

Ogni sera gli ospiti del Festival potranno scegliere quali opere visionare grazie al. La piacevole passeggiata a piedi, che offre meravigliosi scorci panoramici, dura circa dieci minuti.

Le proiezioni cominceranno alle ore Architetto, scenografo, designer. Sontuose messinscene e habitat grotteschi, kolossal storici e drammi ghiacciati, set futuristici e scenari avventurosi. Lei ha iniziato studiando architettura.

Prendiamo la War Room del Dr. Altri esempi sono disseminati nella saga di James Bond. Insomma, ci avevano creduto. Stiamo parlando ovviamente degli anni Trenta, io ero solo un adolescente che si era trasferito dalla Germania in Inghilterra assieme alla famiglia, e non pensavo di fare del cinema.

No Licenza di uccidereda cui era rimasto molto colpito. Mi chiese di incontralo per discutere di una sua idea. Io cominciai a fare certi schizzi che a lui piacquero molto.

Devo ammettere che con Stranamore abbiamo lavorato benissimo, era un rapporto molto stretto. Trovai la scusa che ero troppo caro, e che avrebbe dovuto rivolgersi al second best production designer. Lui riusciva ad essere in forma con sole tre o quattro ore di sonno. Io non avevo certo quella resistenza, continuavo ad andare in cerca di location per soddisfarlo, guardavo i giornalieri con lui alle Cosa ha imparato lavorando con lui? Grazie a lui ho conosciuto tutti gli aspetti di un sistema produttivo assai complesso come quello di Hollywood.

Ha lavorato anche in Italia; con Tinto Brass ad esempio. Ti da fastidio? Bernardo, per puro caso, era stato avvertito dal suo agente americano che io ero a New York con Dino De Laurentiis. E a quel tempo Bernardo non parlava con De Laurentiis. Ho letto migliaia di sceneggiature molto diverse, non ci sono regole.Luigi is an international drug dealer, linked to powerful South American groups. His elder brother Rocco lives in Milan with his wife Valeria and their daughter.

He does not approve of the lifestyle of his younger brother but is an entrepreneur thanks to his brother's illicit money. Luciano, the eldest of the three brothers, has remained in Calabria tending his goats in the mountains, with the illusory goal of remaining uninvolved with his brothers' illegal businesses. Leo, the young and rancorous son of Luciano, in response to an insult, shoots up the exterior of a bar protected by a rival clan of 'Ndrangheta who are already offended by Luigi's refusal to trade with them.

Luigi dislikes them because their boss killed his father many years before. The rival clan demands that Luigi supply them with drugs but this motivates Luigi to return to his hometown to take them on, initially by strengthening his links with other families.

However, before concluding anything, Luigi is murdered on the street. Rocco, arriving from Milan, is determined to take revenge but, before acting, he wants to know if his family is alone or can count on the support of the other families. Leo, with a strong attachment to his deceased uncle Luigi, feels that his duty is to solve things alone.

He plans to kill the enemy boss but is betrayed by his accomplice and killed. This upsets everyone, especially his father Luciano who, after burning photos of his father who died years before in an ambush by the rival clan, returns home, kills his younger brother Rocco and contemplates a suicide that would complete the extermination of all the men of his family.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Release date. Running time. Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 28 August Retrieved 26 June Retrieved 11 May David di Donatello Award for Best Film. Categories : films Italian-language films drama films crime drama films Italian films Italian crime drama films Vertigo Films films French films French crime drama films Films about the 'Ndrangheta. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Use dmy dates from June Template film date with 2 release dates Articles containing Italian-language text.Cineuropa: How did you work with the actors so that they would be able to master the dialect used in the film?

Francesco Munzi: I chose actors who knew the Calabrian dialect because they originally came from the region — people such as Marco Leonardi and Giuseppe Fumo — or others who were able to pick it up quickly because they were familiar with another dialect.

The latter ones, people like Peppino Mazotta, learnt the language because it was required for the shoot. He really had to build up his character from scratch over a number of months. What was your original intention? The challenge was to infiltrate a criminal family and to show the more raw aspects, to bust some myths about the Mafia.

He mixes them with a drug — he combines the old with the new. Traditional beliefs are merging with modernity. This scene is one of the key moments that allow the audience to understand a film that also combines two eras, two different mentalities.

Did you do any writing in the area where the film was shot? What did you learn from these surroundings? Yes, I spent a lot of time in that spot. The main difficulty was managing to look past my prejudices and the preconceived notions about this region, a place that I had no knowledge of from the inside. I found that it was very easy to develop the movie there because there was a positive atmosphere all the time.

Of course, the novel also enlightened me a great deal, but the essence of the characters comes from that village and its inhabitants. They are men and women who are wary of those in power. They don't trust the authorities. They live in Italy, but they don't feel truly Italian; they feel like outsiders in their country. Did you enjoy reading this article? Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive more stories like this directly in your inbox. Privacy Policy.

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